A quick guide to Geovictwardianism.

Geovictwardianism is a lifestyle or way of life identified by ALBION, which recognises the innate desire in many of us to make an effort to live attractively and unusually and elegantly, but also practically, drawing upon the period of history during which men and women were at their most elegant, whilst embracing the best in contemporary society at the same time.

 GEOrgian 1714 – 1837

VICTorian 1837 – 1901

edWARDian 1901 – 1910 (arguably until 1914 and the outbreak of The Great War).

ALBION says that in reality, he revealed or exposed the lifestyle. If contemporary society is examined, many Geovictwardians are already all around us, behaving with good manners, dressing well, frequenting certain places, adopting certain habits and modes of living. These are not effete parvenus or aristocrats, these are certain types of people who wish to be classless and stylish, but with substance. The term Geovictwardian will bring these aspirations together, so that like-minded people may meet and converse upon topics which interest them. Real and robust, they take care over their appearance, their manners, what they say and what they do. True gentlemen without the foppishness, the limpness, the laddishness, or oafishness. No snobbery and all are welcome who adopt their individual approach to living life.


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