The Summer Saunter Sunday the 21st of July 2013 @ 2pm.

With hip flasks at the ready, 24 bold and independent men led by stylist Timothy Lord and The Chap Magazine’s Albion will step out in style on Sunday the 21st of July 2013 in the name of sartorial freedom, anti-dandy anarchic agitators intent on strolling from the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral to Mayfair’s Berkeley Square in a demonstration of solidarity with all men who dare to dress differently. 

Only the brave saunter on a Sunday: it takes guts, determination and well-designed footwear to complete the course.

Benjamin Disraeli, that elegant trend-setting doyen of the young and fashionable in the late nineteenth century (and Victoria’s favourite prime minister) was more than fond of sauntering. Charles Dickens, who walked the streets of London every day, sported exuberant clothing and he would be proud that they these protesting promenaders are re-igniting the metropolis with sartorial splendour, respectfully offering a return to and re-invention of classic menswear and the lifestyle which accompanies it.

So what is the outward expression of their inner philosophy? Simply this: men do not sing from the same hymn sheet. Do they look like choirboys? Men should sing in a wonderful harmonious disharmony, a cacophony of styles, which express their enthusiasm for life. Vintage-retro: What’s that? Before during and after vintage some men dressed – and continue to dress – well in an individual idiom. The fashion fascists do not dictate to these free-style romantic radicals for whom cliché clothing and totalitarian toggery are banned. Trousers and ties to turn heads and melt hearts, shirts and shoes to seduce maidens and bewitch beauties.

The Saunter is no cake walk, it is a tea and cake walk: a very British Beano.

To find out what these diverse fellows will be wearing and saying, turn up and take a look.


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