Lessons in Life: Number One.

A young man was at a famous military college, training to be an officer. 

In the classroom, an experienced soldier who had seen combat was running over an old well-known battle with the students, describing in detail the setting, the troops, etc. He asked the students for their views.
For the next two hours they debated the battle. How it was fought, how it might have been fought, how a different outcome might have arisen from a different decision.
At the end of the session, the veteran spoke to the class:
“Well done. You have all analysed the situation well and found alternative solutions. Now, here we train you to make decisions in real time, which means that you are on the battlefield, being shelled and fired upon, men with whom you trained and men you count as friends are dying all about you – and you have three minutes to make a decision which may result in life or death. That lesson in real combat, not theoretical combat, comes next.”

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